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Managing Director (North America)

With 10 years experience in recruitment and 10 years in sales my background encompasses; contingency, search and selection, in-house recruitment and a number of international assignments.


Managing Director (Asia)

Christy is the key contacts for Asia’s business. She has encompassed HR senior management positions within multinational companies in the manufacturing, nutritionals, finance and IT industries, which enable her to better understand the customer needs and market demands as well as provide efficient solutions to help clients achieve in both of their business and talents strategies.


Senior Talent Coordination Manager

As an operation manager, Betty provides leadership and operational oversight of the business, focusing on efficiency and technology improvements.


Senior Technical Recruitment Specialist


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Employers who engage Reizt will be assigned a client relationship manager. This client relationship manager will provide you dedicated and personalized approach towards the clients’ requirement.

All of our candidates undergo thorough extensive verification and sophisticated vetting processes to ensure they are effective, competent and credible professionals who are serious about their careers.