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Helping your organization soar to new heights by connecting you to the best candidates.


Reizt is a trusted professional recruitment agency known across the GTA, Canada and internationally for its distinctive ability to recognize top talent and strategically place them with reputable, dynamic organizations. To help your business achieve full optimization, our recruitment specialists are constantly expanding our talent pipeline. They are actively involved in locating qualified candidates who are seeking permanent or contract work. We offer a suite of multi-functional services that span the Information Technology, Engineering, Operations, Manufacturing and Financial Industries.


We offer many flexible staffing options and solutions for your busy management teams. We leverage our deep recruiting knowledge to match clients with effective, goal-oriented professionals who have aspirations of achieving career milestones. We are proud to serve as a bridge – a cornerstone upon which these professionals can build their dreams and at the same time, offer their insights and expertise in solving your complex business issues. These candidates are in pursuit of a diverse and vibrant organization where they can enhance their careers and make significant contributions.

Our Candidates

When you entrust recruitment consultants at Reizt. Inc, to act as your personal human resource team and fill your Canadian or international vacancies, you can expect your account manager to leverage their collective experience, wisdom, and time-tested methodologies to identify expert resources who have demonstrated genuine potential.

Qualified: Our recruitment consultants are adept in pinpointing resources who are rich in soft skills, not just technical skills that are easy to measure. We take a deeper dive and search for personal attributes, including a collaborative spirit and enthusiasm.

Experienced: Our candidates have acquired the right knowledge and real-world experience in the desired industry.

Ethical: Professionalism is a derivative of ethical behavior. We specifically ensure that our candidates value dedication, honesty, good moral character, and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data.

Our Approach

Quality is of paramount interest to us. It’s an approach that is boasted by many yet followed through by few. Our recruiting specialists only court expert candidates who are professional, responsible and filled with a sense of purpose.

Our client relationship managers will not waste your time or ours. Our recruitment agency will only recommend resources who have advanced to the final rounds in our interviewing process. They will be the cream of the crop, effectively and extensively vetted and inspected.