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In Pursuit of the Ideal Professional?

Top Talent for your Organization

An organization’s productivity and profits are directly related to its talent; the greater their efficiency, the better the optimization of your organization. Our strategic mission is to provide you with contract or permanent expert resources who possess an added dimension of critical skills – who are effective and well-equipped to make a meaningful impact in elevating your brand. If you are on a quest to add talented, responsible and ethical candidates to your business, you’ve come to the right recruitment agency; our client relationship managers are ready to assist you.

If you require resources to fill your vacancies in Toronto, the GTA, or even on the international scene, Reizt Inc. has the functionality to act as your personal Human Resources management team. Our professional recruiting consultants select candidates who are self-motivated, insightful and meticulous, and can help you optimize your accounting, banking, finance, engineering, manufacturing and IT needs.

Employers who engage Reitz, Inc. will be assigned a client relationship manager. This savvy recruitment consultant will show you how you can gain a competitive advantage by dramatically cutting time and expenses. And the sooner the right candidate is in place, the sooner your key business needs will be met.

Save Time and Money

Clients tell us the biggest, most immediate benefit they notice is their ability to recapture time. Instead of wasting time searching for a diamond among the rocks to fill their vacancies, they can now redirect their precious time to focusing on how to strategically expand their market share.

The second most noteworthy change is that they stop hemorrhaging money on job staffing postings and advertisements. And outsourcing with Reitz Inc. presents another tremendous cost-saving benefit; employers won’t be burdened with the hefty overhead of an in-house talent recruitment department.

Let our recruiting specialists do all the heavy lifting so you can reprioritize your capital and other resources to forge ahead in your business.

Promising Talent

All of our candidates undergo thorough, extensive verification and sophisticated vetting processes to ensure they are effective, competent and credible professionals who are serious about their careers. We pride ourselves in recruiting expert specialists in the GTA, filtering out many off-target candidates and only select the cream of the crop. These top recruits can seamlessly assimilate with your workforce on either a short or long-term contract basis. Or, you may elect to onboard them as permanent hires.

Expert Candidates you Require

While our selection process is thorough at Reizt Inc., the client has the final word. Our client relationship manager, along with the recruiting specialists, will continue their search until you give your stamp of approval on the right candidate.