Recruitment Process

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Recruitment Process


Employers who engage Reizt will be assigned a client relationship manager. This client relationship manager will provide you dedicated and personalized approach towards the clients’ requirement.


All of our candidates undergo thorough extensive verification and sophisticated vetting processes to ensure they are effective, competent and credible professionals who are serious about their careers.

In Person Evaluation

This interaction will provide us with greater clarity about the candidate’s passion. We use this critical knowledge to streamline the process of matching the right person with the right employer – and the right position.


Our client relationship manager, along with the recruiting specialists, will continue their search until you give your stamp of approval on the right candidate.


Our task isn’t over once our recruits fill vacancies. Our client relationship managers remain connected to both parties. Reizt Inc. values lasting client relationships.

Reizt Inc. today to learn more about us. We would be happy to answer to any questions or concerns.