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Consulting Service

Make an Impact with Reizt Consultants


Being content with the status quo isn’t a strategy; it’s settling. Old time-tested skills were great for getting your organization where it currently is today, but to advance across the competitive landscape and become distinctive game-changers of tomorrow, businesses need to adapt. New challenges emerge daily and procedures, products and business models must constantly be refreshed, refined and redefined.

Reitz Inc. has a cache of talented consultants who adeptly blend their critical-thinking skills with the clients’ goals to deliver sustainable solutions. Our range of consulting services include IT, project, business and human resources.


IT Consulting


Even without the threat of a cyber-attack, an organization’s IT infrastructure must be safeguarded. Our expert candidates can analyze existing hardware and software, and provide a risk assessment; they will identify problems areas that must be addressed to prevent a colossal disruption. Whether you require basic networking services, computer repairs or an extra layer of anti-virus protection, we have a team of responsible experts ready to assist.


Project Consulting


Our expansive industry expertise has equipped us with valuable insight on managing projects while respecting the client’s perspectives. Reitz Inc.’s recruitment specialists have expert resources available who possess the capabilities to ensure compliance and avoid time-consuming setbacks. We have already helped a broad portfolio of prestigious clients celebrate success. Now, we’d like to help you achieve similar milestones.

Business Consulting

Understanding your business imperatives is vital for Reitz, Inc. prior to initiating an action plan. To provide deep analytic insight to a clients’ pain point, we first gather cross-functional data. We then work alongside the client to craft a vibrant yet practical business plan that will help them reach their objectives.



Human Resources Consulting


An organization may employ some of the sharpest talents in the marketplace but are they properly aligned to deliver the best impact? Our human resources consultants have a toolkit packed with strategic, analytical tools to determine if employees should be realigned or elevated for greater optimization. Resources who aren’t achieving their own professional development goals may feel disenchanted. Allow Reitz Inc.’s human resources consultants the opportunity to calculate how your talent can deliver optimal results and thus, strengthen their own individual competencies.