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At Reizt Inc., our approach is to always promote “quality over quantity.” Quality is of paramount interest to us. It’s an approach that is boasted by many yet followed through by few. Our recruiting specialists only court expert candidates who are professional, responsible and filled with a sense of purpose.

Our client relationship managers will not waste your time or ours, by attempting to accelerate the hiring process to fill your vacancies and supply you with candidates who aren’t qualified for your positions. Our recruitment agency will only recommend resources who have advanced to the final rounds in our interviewing process. They will be the cream of the crop, effectively and extensively vetted and inspected.

Our client relationship managers understand that not all organizations have a fully functional recruitment department with the time, resources or the strategic skills to locate the right talent. We save you time and money by taking care of your recruitment needs externally. You can rely on our recruiting consultants to deliver quality services that cater perfectly to your needs. After all, that’s the approach our entire staffing agency in the GTA, Toronto and on the international scene is based on!

Try Reizt Inc.’s services yourself. Candidates are available for temporary contract-based, or permanent hire!